Transfer Students

  • SPECIAL NOTE: With the addition of the second campus and the opportunity to open up enrollment opportunities, we are re-visiting our admissions policies, including those for Transfer Students. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Admissions Office or 312-326-2837 at any time with questions regarding the process. We are open year-round.

    Current St. Barbara School students, who are in good standing with St. Barbara School, will be automatically accepted into St. Therese Chinese Catholic School. The following process is for students interested in transferring to St. Therese from other schools.

    The following guidelines are for prospective St. Therese parents of children entering 1st through 8th grade as a transfer student. Please follow the guidelines listed. Email the Admissions Office or call us at 312-326-2837 with any questions about this process. We thank you for your interest in St. Therese Chinese Catholic School. 

    We require prospective parents to visit St. Therese at least twice.

    Parents should call the office at 312-326-2837 to schedule a visit during one of our school’s Open House Events or to schedule an informal school tour. 

    This initial visit is for parents to gain perspective about the school’s curriculum and offerings. Parents will have a tour of the school and be able to observe some classroom instruction. 

    A second visit should then be arranged with the child in attendance. The child will visit the classroom and meet with the Registrar and Principal.

    After the second visit, parents should complete the Admissions Form with information including the child’s name, date of birth, and the parents’ contact information. Once a complete Admissions Form is submitted to the Registrar, the prospective student will be added to the appropriate list for that child’s incoming year.    


    A family and student applying to enroll in 1st through 8th grade as a transfer from another school must submit a written transfer document from the original school and submit all parts of the application, including:

    Generally, 7th and 8th grade transfer students are not accepted. 

    Once all relevant forms are submitted, St. Therese will submit a formal transcript/records request from the student’s current school. Note: Failure to provide ALL records will be considered a breach of this agreement and may jeopardize student matriculation.

    Registration Interview with Principal/Assistant Principal. 

    Parents must meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal in an informal interview in order to complete the admissions process. A student is not considered to be fully admitted until this meeting has occurred.

    Parents of all new transfer students must sign a probationary agreement, part of which stipulates that the parents will provide ALL previous educational and medical documentation. This includes, but is not limited to, academic, physical, medical, psychological, dietetic, and behavioral concerns, diagnosis, and evaluations. Full transcripts, copies, etc. are useful and are to be given to the Principal during the enrollment process, so that all directly-concerned staff can immediately evaluate the student for appropriate consideration, modification, and accommodation as needed. This is done in the interest of working with students to the fullest of their potential and to meet them where they are relative to our rigorous curriculum.

    All new and transfer students are welcome and will be accepted on a probationary period of 90 school days at St Therese. During this probationary period, students are expected to maintain passing grades, have no major disciplinary issues, or require accommodations that the school physically or financially is incapable of supporting. Students with special learning needs may be accepted if the school has the staff and ability to make the necessary accommodations for the child’s academic growth and success. During the 90-day probationary period, if the school determines the student is unable to perform with adequate growth in this environment, any prepaid tuition will be prorated and refunded (not including any nonrefundable monies). 

    On registration day, parents are asked to bring:

    • their child’s official birth certificate
    • registration fee
    • first month’s tuition (see tuition schedule)

    Note: Fees and tuition are non-refundable

    Refer to the Admissions and Registration Checklist for a listing of additional documents that are required.