Junior High

  • Download a copy of the September 11, 2019 Junior High Orientation Presentation.

    Our Junior High Program is rigorous and rich. The St. Therese core curriculum includes Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. Not only does our curriculum meet learning standards, it reaches beyond. Our Math program is based on the constructivist approach and integrates Singapore Math principles and key Common Core Mathematical Practices. Our ELA program exposes students to multiple forms of literary expression, writing strategies, and encourages active and deliberate reading.

    Across classrooms, we focus on collaborative learning, technology integration, and critical thinking skills. All of our students participate in weekly Art, Music, Mandarin, Spanish, Religion, Technology, and Physical Education classes and are offered countless opportunities for participation in extracurricular activities. Our Junior High Program prepares students for a successful transition into high school, college, and beyond.

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