Welcome to Admissions

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: St. Therese will expand to a second campus, at St. Barbara School in Bridgeport, as of the 2019-2020 school year. Enrollment opportunities are available for grades PreK through 8th grade at this second campus of St. Therese. Please contact our Admissions Office at any time at (312) 326-2837 or at admissions@sttheresechicago.org to learn more and to inquire about registering for the coming school year. 

    We are open year-round. Please also refer to the Application and Registration Checklist which will help you navigate the process.  

    The admission process begins when a prospective family submits an Admissions Form. The school will formally acknowledge receipt of the application and confirm the remaining steps in the process based on age of child(ren) and time of year.  

    All students who complete the entire application process are considered for enrollment. However, due to the number of applications that we receive, we cannot guarantee enrollment to all who apply. 

    Please refer to our Admissions Policy for more information about our admissions policies and practices.

    IMPORTANT: We require prospective parents to visit St. Therese at least twice. The first visit should be an Open House. Please contact our Admissions Office by email or by calling 312-326-2837 to schedule a visit during one of the school’s scheduled Open House events; all Open House dates may also be found on the School Calendar.

    Initial visits during the Open House provide the opportunity for parents to gain insight into the school’s curriculum and programs. A full school tour including classroom instruction observation will be provided during the tour. 

    Please schedule a second visit with your child after the Open House. This visit will include a visit to a classroom, a meeting with the Registrar, and a meeting with the Principal.

    PLEASE NOTE: Every prospective student at every entering grade level must visit the school. Registration forms submitted without a visit will be returned.

    For more information on our academic programs, please see the Programs section of this website.