Tuition Policies

  • Registration and Payments

    The tuition schedule is published annually. There is a 1% discount for full payment of tuition at the time of registration. Monthly tuition is due no later than the tenth of each month and must be paid through FACTS.


    Tuition payment for the first month and the registration fee are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable for both new and returning students. A student transferring to another school may be entitled to a refund if all ten tuition installments have been paid in full, in advance, less the registration fee and first month’s tuition.

    There are additional fees for registration (PreKindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st - 8th grades), and these are also non-refundable.


    The refund for overpayment of tuition is calculated as follows: Full tuition (all ten installments) - months in school = refund for overpayment, less the registration fee and first month’s tuition.


    Families who are delinquent in their tuition payments are assessed a late fee of $40 monthly. No school records (e.g., report cards, progress reports, diplomas, etc.) will be released until all financial obligations have been paid in full. In accordance with the State of Illinois Code, records of transfer students will be released/forwarded within 10 days of settlement of all outstanding financial obligations.

    It is advised that when families face financial difficulties, they speak immediately with our School Principal, Ms. Oi, or our School Registrar, Mrs. Chan. In certain specific situations, special arrangements can be made with a family with the agreement of the Principal.