Waiting List

  • SPECIAL NOTE: With the addition of the second campus and the opportunity to open up enrollment opportunities, we are re-visiting our admissions policies, including our Wait List processes. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Admissions Office or 312-326-2837 at any time with questions regarding the Wait List process. We are open year-round.

    We maintain a Waiting List for students and families interested in gaining admissions beyond the current application year. After the prospective parents visit the school, the child’s name, date of birth, and the parents’ contact information will be added to that child’s incoming year waiting list. Our policy is to only register a student one year beyond the current academic year. Beyond that one year, we ask that a Waiting List Form be completed for each child on the Waiting List. We will then contact families to register as we begin the next academic year.

    Pre-registration. If you are waiting to register beyond one academic year, the Admissions Office will contact you in August of the year prior to your child starting preschool/junior kindergarten/kindergarten to communicate the date of registration, typically the third week in August. On registration day, parents will be able to register their child in the order in which they are called, based upon the order we have received their information. Families who opt not to attend registration forfeit their position, and the next family on the list will be invited to register.