• St. Therese's Dance program is let by Ms. Ling Ling Pao and Ms. Geli Sun. Together they lead the students in Chinese language and cultural dances.

    2018-19 Dance Classes will include:

    • Learn to Dance 1 (PreK and JK)
    • Learn to Dance 2 (K and 1st grades)
    • Fan Dance (4-8th grades)
    • Ribbon Dance (4-8th grades)
    • Miao Dance (2nd-3rd grades)
    • K-Pop (all grades)

    Check back here for the 2018-19 enrollment form with costs, time and day schedules by dance, and other important information.

    Ms. Ling Ling received her Teaching Certificate from Beijing Dance Academy, one of the top dance colleges in China. She also received an education from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, where she majored in Traditional Chinese dance.

    Ms. Sun graduated from the Northeast Normal Universtiy, where she majored in dance and choreography. She worked as a dance instructor in Guangdong Province and was actively involved in the dance competitions and charity events organized and sponsored by China Centrl Television(CCTV)and other major TV Broadcasting Stations.