Our Identity

  • St. Therese Chinese Catholic School promotes the desire for lifelong learning in our students, faculty, and staff. We welcome everyone to our community and maintain an open admissions policy, low tuition, and access to financial aid for more than a third of our students.

    St. Therese honors the value and dignity of each student, combining strong Catholic values with a deep connection to Chinese culture and a commitment to diversity. We view our school as transformative and believe all children can reach their full potential. We instill a “growth mindset” that emphasizes continuous effort and targeted differentiated support.

    We cultivate perseverance, resilience, and self-regulated learning that leads to long-term success. Students learn from one another and develop a strong ability to collaborate with peers.  Everyone benefits from high expectations, a supportive environment, and mutual personal respect. Teachers come to know their students well, bolstering their confidence to take risks because they have the freedom to continue trying until they succeed. Students participate in service projects that connect them to the importance of charity and caring for our community.

    As a school, our goal is to support each of our students. Our underlying philosophy is that all children can learn, and our job as educators is to identify ways for every student to participate in the curriculum. Our students come to us with different ability levels, and we tier instruction to meet different learning needs. We design our Response to Intervention (RtI) program to continually screen students and monitor ongoing acquisition of core skills in Math, English, and reading fluency. When necessary, we supplement with specialized instruction from speech therapists, academic coaches, and federally funded Title 1 teachers.