Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources

  • SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: The HFS Chicago Scholars program is now accepting applications. An information session is also scheduled for parents and students is planned for Wednesday, October 25th at Children of Peace High School. Click here for more information about this session and the HFS Scholars program.

    In addition to opportunities at individual High Schools, many outside organizations provide tuition assistance.  Some of these include:


    The individual school will provide information on how and when to apply for financial aid. Please note that completion of financial aid forms does not guarantee preferential admission. Your son/daughter must take the Catholic High School Entrance Exam on December 2 to be considered for admission. Financial aid awards will be based upon the criteria each school independently establishes. Financial aid award offers will be made after the student is accepted but prior to registration so families can make informed decisions about enrolling and will fully understand the true cost of tuition.