Welcome to St. Therese Chinese Catholic School

    Dear Friend,

    Ms. Oi Thank you for your interest in St. Therese Chinese Catholic School, a two-time National Blue Ribbon-winning elementary school. At St. Therese, you will find an advanced, academically rigorous curriculum in a two-campus environment focused on faith formation, service, community, and cultural exposure for students from Prekindergarten through 8th grade.

    We hold our students and ourselves to the highest of standards, and our students’ achievements and the school’s national recognition reflects the expectations we set for ourselves. Combining deep-rooted traditions and current best practices, we are dedicated to equipping children with the tools necessary to be successful in the 21st century. We meet each child where they are academically and socio-emotionally, and all are recognized for their unique abilities and talents to help every student reach their fullest potential.

    Our academically rigorous curriculum also incorporates leadership and service opportunities. Students are encouraged to take an active role in their school community. Starting in 1st grade, all students fulfill a service component. Additionally, junior high students are given the opportunity to hold a school service job such as crossing guard, lunch helper, or office messenger. These service and leadership roles help develop individuals who are effective communicators, problem solvers, and oriented toward service.

    At the heart of St. Therese School is faith formation. All students from early childhood through junior high participate in religious instruction every day. Students grow in their love for God through preparing for and leading school and family liturgies, altar serving, singing in the choir, and preparing for the Sacraments. While not every student is Catholic, most of our students engage actively in faith-based activities outside of school such as retreats, pilgrimages, and service projects that help students cherish, live, and grow in a faith-filled life.

    Finally, we embrace the diversity of our student body and maintain respect for the many different traditions on which St. Therese was established, while continuing to add many others. Whether it is playing flag football, celebrating the Chinese New Year, learning prayers in Spanish, or taking an after-school cultural dance class, all students grow in their ability to see themselves as part of a larger, global Catholic community.

    We look forward to welcoming you into the St. Therese community. I believe that at our school, your child will feel loved, nurtured, and challenged in a community centered on faith, academics, service, and culture.


    Lisa Deborah Oi