Our Academic Programs

  • St. Therese sets an academic standard many schools strive to match. While we join our academic peers by aligning our curriculum with the Common Core and the Office of Catholic Schools Curricular Benchmarks, we exceed those requirements by delivering a holistic, rigorous, advanced curriculum. St. Therese routinely mentors and offers guidance to schools in the Archdiocese and the state, as well as throughout the nation and around the world. Our curriculum cultivates global citizens who are values-driven, motivated, and compassionate.

    Highlights of our curriculum

    Students receive 90 minutes of daily mathematics in grades 1 through 8, including high school level instruction in algebra and geometry in middle school. By the time they graduate, our students are generally two years ahead of their peers, placing into third- and fourth-year high school math classes. Students compete and perform well in QED: the Chicago math symposium, the Catholic League Math Olympiad, and the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics state competitions, and are local chapter members of Chi Alpha Mu Mathematics Honor Society.

    English and language arts also comprise 90 minutes of each day as proficiency in reading, writing, comprehension, communication, and analysis are essential to all educational disciplines. Our program accommodates English Language Learners, enabling them to reach or exceed grade level before graduating.

    Science and social studies foster independent thinking, research skills, and written and oral presentations of findings and points of view. Students research and present topics on local history, social science, and social media. Debate is a classroom tool across these and other academic areas to enhance learning about historical and current events and support discussions on topics such as economics, justice, and civic duty. Students also compete and perform well at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science Fairs and the Regional and National History Bees.

    Our curriculum from preK through 8th grade also includes:

    • multilingual instruction, offering Mandarin and Spanish
    • arts and music, supporting intellectual, social-emotional, and cultural development
    • physical education, emphasizing the health benefits of physical activity along with the
      cooperation and skills intrinsic to team sports
    • religion, providing a foundation for moral behavior, ethics, and wise decisions
      throughout our students’ lives

    St. Therese aims to educate the whole child to meet the challenges and demands students face today and in the future. Moreover, our curriculum develops critical thinking, problem solving, and self-regulated learning. This approach not only satisfies the academic expectations for 21st century students, but also equips them to adapt to a world that increasingly relies upon collaboration and the ability to meet challenges using knowledge in a variety of fields.