• What is it?

    Faith formation at St. Therese builds upon the model of church which Pope Francis creatively calls a field hospital. Our community is made up of a diverse population of different faith traditions and individual perspectives. Religious education at St. Therese, therefore, extends its loving arms out  to all those who hunger and search for God in their lives, no matter what their cultural, religious or economic background may be. Our mission is share the good news of Jesus Christ to Chinatown and beyond.

    Every faith formation activity, whether it is a religious instruction class for children, a retreat for youth, a service project for young adults or a class on the basics of tenants of the Catholic faith for adults, is specifically planned, organized, designed and delivered in creative ways. Inclusivity is the foundational characteristic how St. Therese ministers to the Chinatown community through its faith formation programs.   

    When, where and how does Faith Formation at St. Therese happen?

    The following basic faith formation activities are woven into our faith formation calendar each year:

    • Daily, weekly, family, School, RE, youth and young adult masses.  In as many diverse ways as possible, faith formation at St. Therese prepares the uninitiated and the initiated to actively and consciously  participate in all aspects of Liturgy.
    • Religious instruction and sacramental preparation for children, youth, young adults and adults.  Such gatherings occur on daily (school) or weekly (parish) basis.  
    • Religious faith formation gatherings for parents, Godparents and sponsors of those preparing for particular sacraments.  Such gatherings occur more infrequently, usually monthly or four times a year.
    • Special, seasonal activities: Flower Procession for St. Therese,  Christmas pageant, Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, CRC RICE Bowl, Lenten Pancake Breakfast, Living Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, Baccalaureate mass, Summer Fair and St. James Food Pantry.  

    Goal for 2019

    On July 1, 2019 eight parishes in our vicinity will be reconfigured.   We should know by November of any changes. Keep posted for updates!

    The term Chinese Apostolate is a term I encourage you to become familiar with as we ready ourselves for the future. The Chinese Apostolate represents the core mission of our parish and school. In other words, the Chinese Apostolate is what makes St. Therese so special.  Thank you for taking part in the Chinese Apostolate.