Early Childhood

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    The St. Therese Early Childhood Program is rich and nurturing. The core curriculum includes Math, Literacy, Religion, Science, and Social Studies. Students in PreKindergarten (PK), Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Kindergarten (K) also participate in daily special classes such as Mandarin, Spanish, Technology, Art, Music, and Physical Education.

    At St. Therese we believe that college and career readiness begins with our youngest students and we encourage the development of skills including critical thinking, problem solving and motivated learning.

    Areas of focus in our curriculum include:

    Language and Literacy Development

    Guides a child’s ability to convey her/his ideas, thoughts, and feelings through speaking and writing, and the ability to demonstrate early reading skills.

    Mathematical Thinking

    Encourages problem solving, number sense, spatial awareness, and being able to recognize math concepts in the world around them.

    Executive Functioning

    Builds the skills necessary for learning, such as independence, attention, and persistence.

    Social and Emotional Development

    Promotes the child’s ability to express and respond to feelings and develop positive relations with others.

    Physical Development and Wellness

    Provides opportunities to build motor skills, strength, stamina, and teamwork. Additionally, children gain the knowledge needed to make healthy lifestyle choices.

    Cognitive Development

    Supports the mental processes needed to think, make sense of the world and build an understanding of academic content across different subjects.


    Inspires the child to explore innovatively, inventively, creatively, and imaginatively.


    Introduces technology, tools, and coding concepts through programs such as Osmo and Bee Bot.

    The St. Therese Early Childhood teachers are highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate educators. They utilize their experiences from inside and outside of the classroom, including Harvard University’s Project Zero Classroom program, to create exciting educational experiences. The Early Childhood instructors and staff work together as a team to ensure the students are well-prepared to continue their education. Our educators also regularly work with outside experts such as the Erikson Institute and the University of Chicago to provide the latest and most impactful learning environment for the children.