• St. Therese strategically integrates technology into its PreK through 8th grade curriculum to strengthen student engagement and support, enhance, and accelerate learning. Technology is as much a part of our students’ day as pencils and paper. All classrooms have Promethean Interactive White Boards. Early childhood and primary grade students have class sets of iPads or iPad Minis, which are important tools for problem solving, self-expression, and communication. Middle school students learn to use and incorporate technology every day, in almost every class, taking advantage of our 1:1 Chromebook program. Additional weekly tech classes for older students provide opportunities to learn programming languages and experiment with 3D digital design.

    As technology quickly evolves, so has its applications at St. Therese. Our Innovations Room provides a rich environment to learn programming languages, 3D digital design, moviemaking, and other applications that boost critical thinking, communication, and self-expression. We are also leveraging digital tools with our youngest learners to capture student thinking and provide multiple responses to individual learning styles. Examples include digital drawing tools and video feedback and collaboration.