High School Application and Selection Program

  • The High School Admissions and Selection Program at St. Therese assists our students and families in preparing for the complex and challenging high school application and acceptance process in the City of Chicago.

    While discussions about the high school process take place throughout the student's junior high years, we formally start the process in the fall of 8th grade with our Saturday School. During this program, students review and reinforce concepts of core subjects covered in the acceptance tests, familiarize themselves with test formats, and learn test taking techniques such as pacing and time management.

    We work with each student and family individually to advise them of the best fit high schools based on their test scores, interests, financial means, and other factors. Students are highly encouraged to apply to various programs so that students have multiple good options for their high school careers. We also help students and families with potential scholarship opportunities offered by schools and others.

    Because the process often changes year to year and is often quite complex, we also take the time to walk each student and family through the application process as well as help each student stay on track with deadlines.

    This year's Catholic High School Entrance Exam Date has changed to Saturday, December 7, 2019. Refer to the Test Dates page for more information on high school entrance exam dates. 

    Please contact Ms. Hang with any questions or to schedule an in-person discussion about this process for your student.